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Full Circle Farm

Welcome to Full Circle Farm...

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            Full Circle Farm is a small hobby Farm located in SW Virginia, a short drive from the Blue Ridge Mountains, tucked in the rolling Foothills of Carroll Co, located between Hillsville and Floyd.
 The Miniature Silky Fainters were added to our farm in 2011, adorable and entertaining they bring a refreshing bit of relief to an otherwise busy, sometimes stressful lifestyle. 2020 brings back Mini Nubians to our farm! Three of our Girls were returned to us after we sold them, I am happy to welcome them and give them a page on our site.
              Full Circle Farm strives to improve and build on the efforts of the dedicated breeders from which I first purchased my stock. Through trial and error, triumph and heartbreak I hope that I have and will continue to produce the ideal Miniature Silky Fainting Goat. Each new kidding season promises to bring Full Circle closer to the goals that I set out to reach.
             In addition to the Goats Full Circle also raises Miniature Horses, a few different varieties of Poultry, Bantam Phoenix, Swedish Flower Hens and Americn Blue ,Blk and splash Orpingtons.
 To learn more about our Farm and the Goats.

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Stephanie L'Heureux Quesenberry

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