CrimZen is a Sorrel Purebred Arabian Mare, her estimated age is Four years. Her Feedlot bail was paid in full by an Angel group member and offered to Me as a companion to Gypsy. CrimZen was the Baby in the Arabian group at Tar Heel ,she was barely lead broke and unhandled, terrified and lacking trust in the Human touch.

CrimZen's Tar Heel photo, she was scared,confused and Adorable.

loaded up for the trip to her new home. I included this photo to show the neglect and abuse these beautiful Souls endure, the fear is evident in CrimZens eye.

July 19, 2019, First day home in quarantine with Gypsy and Mosaic. Time and kindness will bring this baby back to the awesome horse she is.

Just short of a Month and CrimZen is starting to blossom and enjoying her new life.

 Sept.15, 2019, pretty petite CrimZen, feeling and looking much better

Nov.11,2019, CrimZen got a much needed dental float today and she did great. Dr Melton said she had some really sharp molars and was dropping her feed as she tried to eat. Our sweet girl will now be able to comfortably eat and hopefully continue to put on more weight. Here she is recovering from the sedative, poor baby.

Dec. 6,2019 CrimZen is growing up, out and 

beautiful. She can always been found with Gypsy.