Full Circle Farm

Miniature Silky Fainters

Our Senior Bucks

        BIS/ MCH Full Circle Bamit Earl
BIS/MCH Flying J Bam x BIS/MCH Spring's Run Breezy
  We are So proud of Full Circles first homebred Master champion. Below is Earl at 14 weeks. Earl has earned 7 Best In Show awards for 2018!
         BIS/MCH Flying J Cortez the Kill          BIS/MCH Flying J Bravo x MCH Flying J Siren
               Full Circle NiteProwler                 
 MCH Palmetto Mini Acres Fandral x Full Circle Nite Wish
      BIS/MCH In the Loops Serious Inquiry
BIS/MCH Full Circle Hairy Potter x In the  Loops Poppy  

          BIS/MCH Sol-Orr's Barnabee
MCH Sol-Orr's Whippoorwill x MCH Sol-Orr's Beronica

Our Junior Bucks

      Roundabout Pride
MCH Flying J Rumrunner x MCH Flying J Morning Mist

pending sale

      Full Circle Ground Control
MCH Flying J Starburst x Flying J Splendor

available $650

Perfume Bottle
      Rusted Gates Ryker
MCH Rusted Gates Outrageous x MCH Rusted Gates Spice it up
photo coming soon

Reference Bucks

                MCH Flying J BAM   

    MCH. Flying j Fainter's Muggle x MCH FjF Bessie's Bling

         Multible Best In Show winner.....
  MSFGA'S.............TOP WINNING SILKY FOR 2014
          BIS/MCH Flying J Absolute
MCH Flying J Pype Dream x MCH Flying J Dew Drop
          BIS/MCH Sol-Orr's Crop Duster    

  MCH Sol-Orr's Whippoorwill x MCH Sol-Orr's Chantilly Lace                  

              MCH Flying J Starsburst
RGF Prince Charming x MCH Flying J Stardust