Full Circle Farm

The Bucks Of Full Circle

Miniature Silky Fainters

        MCH Full Circle Bamit Earl
MCH Flying J Bam x MCH Spring's Run Breezy
  We are So proud of Full Circles first homebred Master champion. Below is Earl at 14 weeks. Earl has earned 7 Best In Show awards for 2018!
          MCH Flying J Absolute
MCH Flying J Pype Dream x MCH Flying J Dew Drop
 Absolute finished in style with 3 Best in Show wins in very competitive shows
               Full Circle NiteProwler                 
 MCH Palmetto Mini Acres Fandral x Full Circle Nite Wish
           Flying J Cortez the killer
MCH Flying J Bravo x MCH Flying J Siren
2 x Jr CH Buck  Sept. 2018
Sol-Orr's Crop Duster
MCH Sol-Orr's Whippoorwil x MCH Sol-Orr's Chantilly Lace
Sol-Orr's Sweet Mayne
MCH Sol-Orr's Sweet Nate x Sol-Orr's Maybelle
Sol-Orr's Sweet Mayne
MCH Sol-Orr's Sweet Nate x Sol-Orr's Maybelle
Flying J Fortune
MCH Flying J Dream Weaver x MCH Flying J Passion
In the Loops Serious Inquiry
MCH Full Circle Hairy Potter x In the  Loops Poppy

Reference Bucks

 GoGo's Something Special  F3

GoGo's Mosaic Splash me Happy x EarKnot Acres Shasta

                MCH Flying J BAM   

    MCH. Flying j Fainter's Muggle x MCH FjF Bessie's Bling

         Multible Best In Show winner.....
  MSFGA'S.............TOP WINNING SILKY FOR 2014
             Flying J Frontier     

  MCH Flying J Ambush x Flying J Fainter's Nova                    

Ear knot Acres SRP Bakin Powder F2

Sweetbrier Ridge Pongo x Irish Whisper HPU Salt and Pepper


Full Circle Eye of the Tiger  F3
Earknot Acres SRP Bakin Powder x Earknot Acres AR Sarabi

VCH Full Circle Made In The Shade

Full Circle Eye of the Tiger x Enchanted Forest Leia Goatgana

The Briar's AKF Sasuke

 Earknot Acres SMP Anbu Kakashi x White Rock Farm Zeld's Flower