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Our Miniature Nubian Herd

Our Long Ears are Back!!

     We missed them so much we brought them back to the Farm and so happy about it. The Mini Nubians are a delightfully charming breed, and the promise of the delicious, rich milk they provide Us is used in our own kitchen and to bottle Silky kids as well as the Mini Nubian kids we are blessed with in 2021.

Welcome Home!

Mini Nubian Does


Flying J Farm Sunflower 4th gen.

Flying J Farm Sand Storm x Echo Hill's SD Wildflower

Stony Ridge's Blame it on the Waltz, 6th gen.

Flying J Farm Bramble x Stony Ridge's Mayan Dancer
IMG_6552 (2).JPG

Full Circle Tie Dye, 5th gen.

Polka Stripe Farm Winston Salem NC x Flying J Sunflower
Full Circle ShutupNdance, "Salsa" 4th.gen.
  Sol-Orr's Pisces x Stony Ridge Blame it on the Waltz
Full Circle Deli Lou Zaouli "Zaouli" 7th.gen.
  All N Time Red Corvette x Stony Ridge Blame it on the Waltz
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