Page 2 Mini Silky Does

   The newest members of the Doe Herd, our future breeding plans may include these lovely Girls when it's there time to shine. 

Sol-Orr's Painted Daisy
       For Sale $800
Sol-Orr's Dezee
           MCH Sol-Orr's Whippoorwill x Sol-Orr's Phlox
MCH Sol-Orr's Whippoorwill x  Aislinn Meadow's Deserae
          Full Circle Serenade
        MCH Full Circle Bamit Earl x Roundabout Sing a Long
        Full Circle Wonderwall
        MCH Flying J Absolute x Forest Hill Fainter's Magnolia
     In the Loop's Ready or Not
           For Sale $750
      ILF Captain Starfinkle x In The Loop's Rosiepuff
      Full Circle The Cats Meow
          For Sale $850
     Flying J Dream a lil Dream
MCH Full Circle Bamit Earl x Bear Creek's Beatrix Kiddo
     Full Circle Summer Shandy
           For Sale: $600
 Flying J Simply Irresistible x MCH Flying J All Jazzed Up
         MCH Flying J Absolute x MCH Palmetto Acres Sabrina
     RGF Little Gold Locket
              MCH Sol-Orr's Mirage x Flying J Trinket