Page 2 Mini Silky Does


   our Jr Does range in age from 2 years to current year girls, some show quality , some breeder quality, the pedigrees define the quality for future potential ability to produce those winning kids.

     Full Circle Summer Shandy
         MCH Flying J Absolute x MCH Palmetto Acres Sabrina


         Full Circle Aurora
 MCH Flying J Starburst x Full Circle Riverdance
IMG_7638 (2).JPG
     RGF Little Gold Locket
    BIS/CH Full Circle Harlow
BIS/MCH Flying J Cortez the Killer x BIS/MCH Full Circle Bardot
              MCH Sol-Orr's Mirage x Flying J Trinket
IMG_7652 (2).JPG
        Full Circle Winni the Pooh
 BIS/MCH In the Loops Serious Inquiry x KE Paradys Bottoms up
      Full Circle Vega 5B
    MCH Sol Orr's Crop Duster x Forest Hill Fainter's Magnolia
         Rusted Gates Counting Stars
   MCH Rusted Gates Outrageous x Rusted Gates Betsy Ross
         Flying J Fanfare  
 Flying J Rip x Flying J Love Song
         Randolph's Nala
 MCH Bells Goats Laredo x MCH Randolph's Jewel
         Rusted Gates Sweet Promise
Rusted Gates Shades of Obsession x Flying J Scarlet Ohara
IMG_7431 (2).JPG
IMG_7615 (3).JPG
         Full Circle Cassiopeia Quinn
 MCH Flying J Starburst x Bear Creek's Beatrix Kiddo
         Full Circle Oleander
 MCH Flying J Cortez the Killer x MCH Sol-Orr's May Lee
       Full Circle Dreamworks
MCH Flying J Starburst x Full Circle Daydream