Page 2 Mini Silky Does

   The newest members of the Doe Herd, our future breeding plans may include these lovely Girls when it's there time to shine. Some may still be available after weaning.

Sol-Orr's Dezee
Sol-Orr's Painted Daisy
           MCH Sol-Orr's Whippoorwill x Sol-Orr's Phlox
MCH Sol-Orr's Whippoorwill x  Aislinn Meadow's Deserae
          Full Circle Serenade
        MCH Full Circle Bamit Earl x Roundabout Sing a Long
        Full Circle Wonderwall
      Full Circle The Cats Meow
        MCH Flying J Absolute x Forest Hill Fainter's Magnolia
     In the Loop's Ready or Not
      ILF Captain Starfinkle x In The Loop's Rosiepuff
MCH Full Circle Bamit Earl x Bear Creek's Beatrix Kiddo
     Flying J Dream a lil Dream
     Full Circle Summer Shandy
 Flying J Simply Irresistible x MCH Flying J All Jazzed Up
         MCH Flying J Absolute x MCH Palmetto Acres Sabrina
     RGF Little Gold Locket
              Mch Sol-Orr's Mirage x Flying J Trinket