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Featherbed Miniature Horses

Our Mares

We have big plans for these delightful creatures. Starting in the Spring of 2020 we will be training and showing our little steeds in halter, obstacle jumping, in hand trail and eventually driving. Stay tuned for their progress reports!

Two Bits A Mirrored Image

Columbia Trifecta x Graham's Lady in Black
    This is our sweet and curious Amira. Amira came to us from a local friend, she was our first since we owned Minis in 1996-2001 and we couldn't be happier. Amira has a sweet disposition and very intelligent with a dash of spunk and mischief. We believe she will make a stunning future driving horse. 
AMHA reg.#196230, foaled 06/22/2009, height 31.75 "

Amira was bred  to Redrock Debonaire 
Foaled a darling Buckskin Colt on April 7.

RHA Barbie

WF Patton's Seize the Moment x Cherryville Rio's Elegant Attitude 
   Introducing RHA Barbie, she is a new addition and we have fallen in love, sweet, calm and steady, We believe she will also make a stunning future driving horse, but for now she will rest up for her pending foaling in the Spring of 2021.
AMHA #294065A, foaled 6/3/2005, 31.5 

Barbie was bred  to Redrock Debonaire for a 2021 Foal. Barbie foaled this stunning red boy April 16th 

barbies head.jpg

Relic Run A Bonnie Lass 

DRK Tuxedo's Sharp Dressed Man x RHA Barbie
   On the rt is Bonnie's stunning Sire, DRK Tuxedo's Sharp Dressed Man. Bonnie will be color tested in the future, we are  hoping genetically she will be capable of producing Appaloosa foals.
   This is  Bonnie, when we purchased her Dam,  RHA Barbie, she came along for the ride. Bonnie is proving to be a smart ,curious and loving filly. We are in love and looking forward to watching her develop. Bonnie has already gone through some dramatic color changes, but we expect she will look very much like her dam when matured.
     SOLD Thanks Kat!
bonnies sire.jpg

Riverdance Wind Chimes

Marystown Wind Chaser x Marytowns Royal Lady
AMHA #253939 foaled 7/8/2004, 31#
  Chimes is our herd queen , she rules the roost and she is the smallest in the group. Chimes has a wonderful talent for growing Mane as you can see. Her pedigree is full of the early miniature horse bloodlines, some very well known Stallions, she is linebred on Boone's Little Andy, Little Kings Santana Supreme. We are happy to have her here .
 Chimes was bred to our Palomino Stallion,     Redrock Debonair for 2021. Chimes Foaled  a  beautiful Filly on March 25. 

Our Stallions

Redrock Debonaire

Catca Woods Duke of Earl x Redrock News Flash
AMHA #326787A foaled 4/7/2014, 30.5#
 We can not express how lucky we feel having acquired this stunning boy. He was well bred and conformationally correct in every way. The best feature is is kind and laid back disposition with us and his group of Mares. He was turned out with our Jr Stallions and is proving to be a great babysitter. Debonaire will be available to outside Mares in 2021 for live coverage.

GMJ Starlite Stables BlueMoon Pistola

This is Pistol, He is a new addition. His coloring is what is known as a Pintaloosa having both markings Pistol is a sweet and willing little Colt 

GMJ Starlite Stables LockedNLoaded

as we call him is here to keep our little Pistol company in the field. Glock is a tiny boy ,very refined and elegant like his Sire, we look forward to watching Him mature.