Mosaic is a beautiful Half Arabian Mare that came to us from Tar Heel Auction and Feed lot , she is an 8 year old . We are not sure what the other half is though we were told she is Half Quarter Horse. The only thing we are sure of is that at some time in her short life she was loved, cared for and given some basic training. Mosaic is a kind and gentle Mare with just a hint of stubborn Mare attitude But she is willing to please and in need of a few refresher courses.

Mosaic pictured here at the Tar Heel Feed lot hoping to be bailed and saved. Despite her rough condition, her beauty shines through.
July 19, 2019 Mosaic's first day at the farm, checking things out.
Just a few weeks here , Mosaic is starting to show the beauty within and settle in to the "safe" attitude of a rescued horse. She has become a favorite here.
Sept. 13, 2019, such a beautiful improvement in health and vigor, just look at her rich color coming in.
Nov.11 2019 Mosaic coming out of a sedative, she did so good for her dental float, Thank You Dr Melton!