Full Circle Farm

Miniature Silky Fainting Does 

  In Loving Memory and tribute to  My Sweet "Muze"
Your absence will forever be an unfilled space in My Heart and deep in My Soul. There will never be another quite like the treasure You were.


   MCH Bear Creek's Sweet Music 

       MCH Sol-Orr's BeBop Kid x ECF Laila

      Best In Show...NGE 2014    
             Flying J Splendor 
Sol-Orr's Cimarron x Flying J Fainter's Midori
      Full Circle Carousel
MCH Flying j Bam x Full Circle Skyfall
      Forest Hill Fainter's Magnolia
MCH Flying J Fainter's Musket x Flying J Fainter's Midori
        MCH Springs Run Breezy   

   MCH Flying J Blitz x MCH Springs Run Breena

       BEST IN SHOW.......ODGC Sunset show 2016


                Flying J Sienna  
MCH Bayshore's Apollo x Flying J Fainter's Saraphina
      MCH Palmetto Mini Acres Sabrina
  Hobby Hills Thor x Palmetto Mini Acres Lola
      Full Circle Sweet Surrender
   Flying j Frontier x Full Circle Sweet Love
              MCH Full Circle Bardot
   MCH Flying J Bam x MCH Springs Run Breezy
                 Flying J Petal
MCH Flying j Dream Maker x MCH Flying j Envy
          MCH Full Circle Sex and Candy
 MCH Flying J Absolute  x    MCH Full Circle Bardot
              Sol-Orr's May Lee
Sol-Orr's Bodacious Prodigy x Sol-Orr's Maybelle
         Bear Creek's Beatrix kiddo
MCH Flying j Tazer x MCH Bear Creek's Bailey
         In the Loop's Lavinia
 MCH In The Loop's Cornelius  x  Randolph's Josette
      Golden Goose Farm Serendipity
 Cedar Creek's Mad Max x MCH Wakefield's Twinkle Toes
              Randolph's Layla
MCH Randolph's Sinbad  x  Randolph's Gisella 
            RoundAbout Sing-A-Long
 RoundAbout Sylvester Stallone x RoundAbout La La
         Aislinn Meadows BlackNLace 
MCH Sol-Orr's Dagon x Aislinn Meadows PeekaBoo
            Full Circle Joie de Vivre
 MCH Flying J Cortez the Killer  x   Flying J Splendor
               Full Circle Daydream
 MCH Flying J Cortez the Killer  x   Full Circle Nitewish
                         Full Circle Sublime
 MCH Flying J Cortez the Killer x MCH Palmetto Mini Acres Sabrina
            Full Circle May Apple 
   MCH Full Circle Bamit Earl x Flying J Petal


              Jubilee's Pretty Penny
       Jubilee's Oz x Mulberry Meadow's Nymeria
            KE Parady's Bottoms Up
 MCH Randolph's Juneau x Signature's Classy        
               kE Parady's Laffy Taffy
       Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter x KE Parady's Licorice        
            KE Paradys Flying First Class    
       Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter x Randolph's Lilliana       
             Wakefield's Celtic jewel
 MCH Sol-Orr's Baxter x MCH Sol-Orr's Lady liberty