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A Day best spent inside...

The weather forecast was spot on for the week ending, snow showers accumulation of 2 to 5 inches. Spending the early part of My childhood in Texas and Florida acclimated Me to the dryer warmer climate, any thing under 50 degrees sends Me running for a jacket or hoodie to ward off chill. it is days like this that I find my mood slipping into a reserved display of unhappiness, taking my displeasure out on the ice caked water buckets and gates that are frozen shut. I will dress in at least three layers and trudge to the Barn all the time wishing I had planted My roots in one of the afore mentioned climates.


Oh how I wish for Spring and the awakening of nature, the increase in daylight hours, of which in this moment are so very inadequate in regards to finishing My chores without the blessing of natural light. Slipping and sliding as I make My way out to care for the waiting self induced collection of hungry mouths. So confident in the coming of full attention, regardless of the effort they so demand of this disgruntled care taker. Me with visions of beaches and sand dunes instead of the reality of fluffy white mounds of cold, and the early Winter long shadows reaching across as the hint of sunlight struggles through the clouds.


My chores become a labor of love, and the sting of half frozen fingers and toes become the only negative result.

They greet Me with anticipation and expressions of "why must me wait so long." In my heart I let Myself feel their love and devotion, when in reality my brain knows differently trying in vain to persuade me of the sole reason they make me feel so welcome.

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