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The waiting game...

For more than nine years I have subjected myself to what can only be described as a self induced torture of sorts. Five months can seem an eternity, wishing ,hoping, and waiting to see the end result of this waiting game. The planning on paper. The endless changes and second thoughts, the self doubt. What if my plans are all wrong, what if I could of ,should of made better decisions.

Putting together a breeding schedule is not a life changing event, why then does it consume my every thought and action for weeks when the Fall chill brings on the inevitable aroma of awakening hormones and flirtatious tail waggings of the future players. The prospect of the "perfect pairings" can be, and is exciting to Me, the anticipation of the "perfect prodigy", the future "perfect champion" makes for a tortuous waiting game.

The waiting is more of a test of patience and perseverance at times, the long weeks dull the sense of urgency and I forget to daydream and allow My mind to imagine the "perfect beings" soon to appear in the flesh. The worst part is the last Month, the bellys are round and bursting at the seams, the udders are showing the start of a wondrous bloom, the subtle kicking and movement exhibited by the "perfect hostages". 145-155 Days can be an eternity.


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