Sales and New Additions             2020

Welcome Silky Kids of 2020

Full Circle A Pirates Life
           Little Pirate comes from a long line of show winners, a distinguished pedigree with 14 master champions in just 3 generations. We feel Pirate will carry on the tradition,
             MCH Flying J Cortez the Killer x MCH Full Circle Sex and Candy
MCH Flying J Bravo x MCH Flying J Siren   MCH Flying J Absolute x MCH Full Circle Bardot
Full Circle Benchmark
            Retained until further notice
MCH Flying J Absolute x MCH Springs Run Breezy
sweetcitylights (2).jpg
Full Circle Sweet City Lights
  Doeling Retained
MCH Full Circle Bamit Earl x Full Circle Sweet Surrender
      Full Circle Malachi
     Full Circle Meerkat
      Sold, Thanks Kelly
Sol- Orr's Cropduster x Sol-Orr's May Lee
    These two precious Babies arrived on Feb 23, twin Bucklings, the kids from an oops breeding of Mini Silky and Mini LaMancha. Although it wasn't planned we are delighted they are here ,healthy and cute.
    Geoffrey and Patrick have a new, loving home waiting for them to be weaned and ready to go.
  MCH Flying J Absolute x Forest Hill Fainters Magnolia
     Full Circle Wonderwall
     Full Circle Soul to Squeeze
 Available   $800
  MCH Flying J Absolute x Randolph's Laylah
       Full Circle Candlelight
  Sol-Orr's Cropduster x Roundabout Sing A Long
                 Full Circle Serenade
  MCH Flying J Absolute x Aislinn Meadow's BlackNLace
Full Circle The Fairy Princess
      Available $800
Full Circle MagicNmidniteLace
          Available $800
    Buyers choice, we will retain twin
MCH  Full Circle Bamit Earl
     Bear Creeks Beatrix Kiddo