Silver Lining Arabian Sanctuary


   Silver lining sanctuary is dedicated to providing a soft landing for kill pen/ slaughter bound Arabian and Arabian cross horses.

  Our goal at Silver Lining Sanctuary is to pull as many desperate slaughter bound Arabians as we can comfortably care for. The task at hand is not to be entered lightly as our resources limit the help we can provide.

  We currently are housing six horses that would otherwise be on a truck to Mexico for slaughter. Each one of our rescues has a story, one that now is destined to have a happy ending, that is our promise to them. 

  In the months to follow we will share those stories with you and report on each individual horses progress towards the goal of a lifetime of Silver Linings. Please join us in making that dream materialize.

   There are some  wonderful, caring folks on a Facebook group called Arabian feedlot and Auction Horse team Rescue and it is through them and the generosity of many, many donors that these Mares and others in the same fate are pulled, homed and able to escape the trucks to nowhere. This group is where we found and brought home the six horses we have at present, thanks to their tireless efforts, one horse at a time is safe.
     CrimZen and Gypsy are purebred Arabian Mares that came to us from Tar Hill Auction and feed lot in North Carolina. The Mares were part of a group of 11 Arabian Mares evidently bought at auction from a horse dealer in Ocala Florida. The Mares were underfed, neglected and mostly only halter broke, basically unfamiliar with the human touch. they were posted on the group in hopes of finding homes before their fate of being slaughter bound was sealed
                      Here are their stories up until the  present.

   Gypsy was the first one at Tar Hill that caught my eye and literally stole my heart, impulsively I stated my intentions of homing her and the group quickly helped to pay her bail and she was SAFE! So now i was a Horse owner again and excited to take the journey never suspecting that my life mission was developing. as I looked at the group of mares I wondered how on earth such lovely creatures ended up in a Kill Pen, I was desperate to end their suffering, at least for a couple as my new mare of course needed a companion. I searched the others available and happily My next choice was spoken for already and then my third, spoken for and bailed to safety. I was contacted by the group and told that Tar Heel had another Mare, an Arabian cross, not with the same group that was set to ship out if not homed quickly and they were willing to pay most of her bail. Well that is how Mocha entered my life, now Mosaic, and more on her later. As I arranged to get My Mares hauled to the farm the group contacted me again saying that the little skinny Mare that was my third choice  became available, her bail was fully paid by an Angel, that new owner could not take her after all but offered her to me instesd. Oh My word,  I was now the new owner of three beautiful, desperate creatures and so here we are, with the help and support of friends and family our journey begins.

bay arab_edited.jpg
The Girls at Tar Hill feed lot
Gypsy (left)
Mocha (bottom lft)
CrimZen (bottom rt.)
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mosaic at tarheel.jpg
baby arab_edited.jpg

July 13, 2019 First day at the Farm spent checking out the view and the grass! We are building pages for each of our horses and as time passes we will add to each ones story.

We want to say thank You to a few folks that have big hearts and compassion to spare.


Our first Angel...

  Lizza Angelique Mills for transporting to Va. and housing our thing 1 and 2

  Debra Arnold Davis...Thanks so much for giving of your time, transporting these three Girls home!

  To My good friend and enabler extraordinaire..

Grey Wheeler, Thank You for all your help and support, and your friendship.

  Liz Lael, your knowledge and energy has been a blessing, Thank You

  Thank You to the few friends and family that donated funds towards the care of these Horses big hearts and love to spare.

 Last but not least Guy Quesenberry for putting up with  and supporting your crazy wife!