Things 1 & 2

 Well they now have official names

introducing Dude and Shimmer

  July 29, 2019 "SAFE" Loaded up and headed home. These two Ponies are said to be half maybe just Arabian crosses, not really sure as we are not sure of much that we were told. Anyway after a bit of a struggle they were on their way. 
  July 29, 2019 First day on the farm, Shimmer is estimated to be around 3 years old and the half sister to Dude. She is needing to learn that we are friends and that it's not necassary to over react to everything done for and around her. 
  July 29, 2019 First day on the farm. Dude is estimated to be around 4 years old and the half brother to Shimmer. Dude is an introvert and helplessly bonded to Shimmer. He appears to have sustained a joint injury to a rear hock but we are going to let him settle in before addressing it.
  Somehow the Amish prepared both Ponies for the Auction with nicely trimmed hooves, whiskers and ears, I can only imagine the trauma for these young horses.
Just a few weeks home and  our youngsters are settling in nicely as long as Dude can see his beloved . They are getting some ground work training and Shimmer is progressing pretty quickly, she is calmer and learning to trust, We have recently separated the two as it was impossible to get Dude to be independent of his bond with Shimmer. Hoping he will finally learn to connect with us.
Sept.13, 2019, Shimmer looking wonderful, she is a very easy keeper no doubt. Cannot wait to see her after a good bath, i'm sure she will live up to her name.

UPDATE: At this time We are sadly thinking that Shimmer may be Pregnant, she just gets rounder every day. Time will tell and a vet visit is in the works. Hoping that it has a good outcome.